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Alacrity’s approach to Architecture is a collection of models that describe the components of a business, their supporting application components and data, and the platforms on which these are deployed. When architecture models are appropriate, clear and accurate, they enable better decision-making and better quality systems.

Architecture models are useful for understanding the current landscape and thus being able to manage it better, and for visualizing and planning future landscapes. These models describe aspects of structure, behaviour and system quality. System quality includes security, performance, and reliability / availability. Best practice architecture patterns point the way to providing systems with these qualities.

Alacrity’s Architecture services include:

  • Review of current business and technical architecture design, decisions and processes,
  • Defining of architecture principles and patterns,
  • Modeling current and future architecture landscapes,
  • Governance of projects’ deliverables against architecture,
  • Managing specific aspects of the application and technology landscape e.g. application, data, network, storage and server architecture,
  • Designing and facilitating the provision of useful and appropriate business solutions,
  • Consulting to large corporates.

In addition, Alacrity runs thought-leadership events for C-level and technical audiences on the

principles and benefits of Enterprise Architecture.

Clients include:

Cquential Solutions
Old Mutual
Sanlam Glacier
Worldwide Chain Stores