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Alacrity defines Business Process Management (BPM) as a set of processes and technologies that are intended to increase the efficiency of a business.

Businesses communicate with their clients and partners through various channels (such as mobile, web, call centres and branches), which gives rise to information and documents being exchanged, and steps being executed in the business to provide the services requested. These documents need to be managed, and the process steps, including manual ones executed by human role-players and automated ones executed by systems, must be orchestrated, monitored and service levels managed to enhance business efficiency.

Technologies involved include digital document management, optical character recognition, electronic forms, electronic signatures, business rules engines, business process engines, portal technology, system integration and business intelligence.

A BPM project involves:

  • Up-front consulting to establish the business needs and the best technologies and processes to meet those needs,
  • Defining the business architecture required to put BPM in place,
  • Defining the technical architecture required,
  • Managing the diverse aspects of the project,
  • Defining the business processes,
  • Defining the documents required,
  • Implementing the system integration required,
  • Testing the processes end to end,
  • Managing the change in the business,
  • Operating the processes in the business, and
  • Feeding performance metrics back into process improvements.

Alacrity provides a number of BPM services and consultancy:

  • We run thought-leadership events for C-level and technical audiences,
  • We use our senior experienced resources to do up-front consulting,
  • We place experienced resources at customers to manage BPM projects and guide them architecturally, and provide business process analysis skills and technical implementation skills to projects.

In terms of technologies and BPM product offerings, Alacrity has experience in and knowledge of a range of tools such as:

Bizagi, AWD, Opentext Cordys, FlowCentric and MIP.

Clients include:

NBC Holdings
Old Mutual
Sanlam Glacier