Alacrity’s Resource Augmentation team offers short and long term engagement opportunities for clients to bolster their capacity and delivery capability when it’s needed most. Our unique employment model ensures business continuity for your organisation, risk mitigation and access to a broad range of skills, experience and knowledge.

Professional consulting services are offered to clients requiring specific development competencies to augment their existing project teams.

These services can be in the form of specialist technical resources contracted full-time to the client for a specified period, or part-time expertise contracted in for specific deliverables.

We have the following specialist competencies operating within and around the full software development life cycle (SDLC):

Agile Competency Icon


Alacrity’s team of Scrum Masters and other Agile professionals provide consultancy and services to coach and provide support to Scrum teams, in order to help them perform at their highest level during the product development and implementation process.

They are also responsible for ensuring that scrum practices are followed in order to achieve team success.

Business Analysis Competency Icon


Alacrity has a resourceful and dynamic team of business and system analysts. From a business domain perspective, the team has a wealth of knowledge, specifically around financial services areas such as: the new retail distribution review proposals from the financial services board, as well as employee benefits, claims processing, sales and distribution. Other business domains include human resourcing, rewards programs as well as travel tracking.

Alacrity brings experience in various technologies available ranging from SAP, Qlikview, Cognos, Balsamiq and Bizagi.

Project Management Competency Icon


Alacrity defines Business Process Management (BPM) as a set of processes and technologies that are intended to increase the efficiency of a business.

Alacrity works in partnership with clients to facilitate and oversee the automation and enhancement of their business processes, using technology appropriate to the clients’ business and technology landscape. We ensure that these processes are sustainable and effective, and that the client is capable of maintaining and enhancing them as and when needed going forward.

Architecture Competency Icon


Alacrity’s approach to Architecture is a collection of models that describe the components of a business, their supporting application components and data, and the platforms on which these are deployed. When architecture models are appropriate, clear and accurate, they enable better decision-making and better quality systems.

Testing Competency Icon


Alacrity’s biggest asset in testing is the ability to adapt to different scenarios (different tool sets, industries and development methodologies), as well as the ability to integrate into different environments.

Alacrity often provides both consulting and services around the tool-of-choice of the client and assists with designing, implementing or improving the process around the tools and testing.

Business Intelligence Competency Icon


Alacrity assists businesses in making better decisions through information. We provide expert business intelligence and data warehousing services that help clients optimize their ability to leverage data and turn it into actionable insight.

Alacrity works as a collaborative partner, seeing the big picture, asking the right questions and looking for our clients’ underlying business challenges. Then we deliver solutions that lay the foundation for a tangible competitive advantage. We are able to provide the solution that best fits each client’s needs, because Alacrity is technology and vendor agnostic.

Java / .NET / Mobile Competency Icon


Alacrity delivers quality custom developed technology solutions to suit each client’s unique domain and IT environment. We build solutions using the appropriate approach and technology framework depending on the actual non-functional requirements.

We have extensive experience in Java, .NET and mobile technologies, in a range of applications, from web front-ends, to complex enterprise-scale back-end systems and integration, and the mobile applications that leverage these corporate technology landscapes.

Project Management Competency Icon


Alacrity has developed Alacrity’s Way of Working (AWOW) as an iterative and incremental project management methodology based on proven agile principles.
AWOW is a conceptual overlay that enables project teams to integrate with clients’ practices and methodologies and to select a best-fit approach.