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We solve business problems…

Alacrity offers quality IT solutions that integrate with, and enhance, our clients’ existing enterprise architecture. Clients benefit from our enterprise-wide skills, solid domain knowledge, comprehensive technical competence, and multi-pronged development capability.


Local and Offshore Development Services – AWOW

Alacrity delivers quality custom developed software to suit each client’s unique domain and technology environment.

aWOW_diagramWe provide business solutions through an in-house interactive development methodology, based on proven agile principles, called AWOW. Alacrity’s Way of Working (AWOW) is an iterative and incremental development methodology. AWOW is a conceptual overlay that permits project teams to integrate with clients’ practices and methodologies and to select a best-fit approach. Our software development teams use SCRUM, an agile, collaborative approach, and we run larger projects taking into account project-wide processes and practices, using appropriate components of Prince2

We have extensive experience in both the Java and .NET technologies, in a range of applications, from web front-ends, to complex enterprise-scale back-end systems and integration.

One of the major benefits of Alacrity’s development service is the significant reduction of risk, traditionally inherent in bespoke development projects, through years of experience coupled with a proven methodology.