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Local and Offshore Development Services – AWOW

Alacrity offers quality IT solutions that integrate with, and enhance, our local and offshore clients’ existing enterprise architecture. Clients benefit from our enterprise-wide competency-based skills, domain knowledge, technical expertise, and development capability.


Maintenance Contracting

Leveraging off our pool of diverse skills allows us to realise economies of scale in systems support that our clients aren’t able to procure in their own environments. In the case of some of our smaller clients, we often negate the need for an in-house team entirely, and for our enterprise clients, we provide a quality service and/or skillset that falls outside of their internal IT strategy. As with sunset contracting, we’re happy to work from your premises or ours, and to support third party products.


Sunset / Legacy Management

Our outsource services provide an ideal solution for organizations looking to sunset one or more of their legacy applications, whilst developing and implementing their next generation solutions.

Alacrity’s roots are in legacy outsourcing, having been established as a spin-out from the employee benefits IT department of Southern Life when it was acquired by Momentum in 1998. We have a proven track record of excellent change management in migrating legacy systems and in re-skilling support staff. We are equally comfortable working from your premises or ours. Entrusting us with your sunset systems leaves you free to concentrate on strategic projects, confident that your risks are mitigated (for a known cost) and that your people are looked after.