Tracer Mobile Workforce integrates WyseTalk, social business software

June 2012

Leading workforce effectiveness company, Tracer Mobile Workforce (Tracer MW), is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation. Locally developed social business software platform, WyseTalk, has been embedded in the Tracer MW solution and has already radically elevated the collaboration and communication taking place within the businesses that the solution is deployed at.

WyseTalk, a software solution developed by Alacrity Technology Holdings, is making steady inroads in the local market. Widely popular in the USA, social business software has been made popular through companies like Yammer and Jive, with companies like Burberry, Nike, Rio Tinto and Procter and Gamble already recording phenomenal results from its adoption.

“The only thing social about WyseTalk is the format of dialogue that takes place, this is a business tool,” comments Cobus van Graan, CEO of Tracer, “WyseTalk in Tracer MW stimulates business communication across all departments of a company including the mobile workforce that our product addresses and opens up the channels of collaboration in a way that bi-directional sms is unable to achieve.

For example sales staff on the road can now negotiate deals with approval from headoffice and get client sign-off using our electronic sign-off feature within one meeting. No backwards and forwards of emails or calls, follow up meetings or wasting expenses on administration and unnecessary travel. It’s a win-win for everyone and the solution to maintaining highly engaged and productive staff.

In addition to facilitating appropriate company discussions, WyseTalk is able to trigger discussions based on certain events that take place in a system, for example, a customer support query, a manufacturing issue, a financial target reached. It then encourages the right people to comment on and get involved in the discussion in a public or private forum, thereby shortening the time it takes to make decisions and take action.

WyseTalk works from a top down and bottom up approach to ensure the communication objectives of the company as a whole are met; management are able to set the tone and agenda for the types of conversations that take place, set up the appropriate work and discussion groups, and set privacy limits, while staff are able to comment and engage in discussions that are pertinent to their function within the organisation.

Pre-launch rollouts of WyseTalk in Tracer MW in key clients are already demonstrating a return on investment in the banking, medical, logistics, pharmaceutical and manufacturing environments. “It would be a challenge to find an environment that can’t benefit from increased collaboration,” reckons Van Graan, whose enthusiasm for the offering is palpable.

WyseTalk was developed by Alacrity in response to the challenges faced by their enterprise clients in getting diverse and distributed workforces collaborating. “The time is ripe for organisational engagement software”, says Gys Kappers, MD of WyseTalk “It is particularly powerful when embedded into an organisation’s operational systems the way Tracer MW has chosen to do, because then there is a seamless way to make collaboration part of the day to day function of all employees.”

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