Enhanced Competency-Based Services Offering from Alacrity

June 2014

Alacrity, a leading IT software and solutions company, is raising the bar by enhancing its resource augmentation services offering through the adoption of a customized competency model.

This move towards competency-based skills will address certain challenges posed by the ever-changing South African IT market, through bridging the gap between basic skills and actual competencies required for performance excellence in a role or specific business area.

With experience spanning more than 15 years, Alacrity recognizes that, in order to remain relevant, it is no longer acceptable to compete on price alone.

The Benefits of this Model

“The benefits of this approach are twofold,” says Lorna Mulder, Alacrity’s Resource Augmentation Services Manager. “One, it promotes employee attraction and retention through tremendous career-pathing opportunities; and two, it enables us to differentiate ourselves, and offer tangible benefits to our customers, by means of a holistic range of complementary skills that often get overlooked but can add immense value to a project.”

Core Competency Units

Alacrity has identified and established the following eight core competency units within their services offering:

  • Enterprise Technology Architecture & Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Agile
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Development (Java, .NET, Mobile)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Automated Testing and QA Services
  • Business Intelligence

“Its all about identifying and getting the right skills, experience and knowledge in place,” continues Mulder, “and nurturing those skills to best fit our clients’ strategic business needs and requirements.”

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