DAMsense releases its retail DAM platform

October 2013

Alacrity Technologies is pleased to announce the latest release of its digital asset management solution, DAMsense. The latest release of DAMsense focuses on expanding its capability footprint by providing significant functionality and benefits to retailers in the areas of management of advertising and promotional content, both above and below the line, as well as enabling multi- and omni-channel strategies and solutions through the provision of homogeneous digital content across all consumer channels.

Using the very latest capabilities of DAMsense, one large tier-1 retailer, a huge household name, has implemented DAMsense in its studio, advertising and packaging operations to manage its processes and control distribution of artwork and other digital content. It has seen significant benefits through the reduced risk of using outdated brand and other digital content. In addition, organisation-wide access delivers much higher levels of service to the business and turnaround of content requests has reduced from days to a self-service process within minutes.

Another large retailer in the furniture market is using DAMsense to power its omni-channel strategy. Effective channel-specific delivery of digital content into its promotions management process as well as delivery of homogeneous content to all consumer channels (including store, print, Web and mobile) is enabling an omni-channel strategy that will provide huge benefits and convenience to its customers.

“DAMsense is rapidly becoming a major player in the digital asset management space, and the addition of these powerful retail-focused features shows our commitment and ambition to continue to expand our ability to deliver significant benefits to our customers,” says Eric Veldboer, Alacrity’s CEO.

DAMsense is a complete digital asset management system, delivering the capability for an organisation to make sense of its digital content, such as images, video, audio, PDFs, presentations and other documents in one central, searchable repository. The solution provided is completely tailored to an organisation’s requirements, from large e-commerce-enabled image Web sites, to internal corporate branding asset management systems.

The full power of DAMsense is delivered either through Alacrity’s cloud-provisioned service (software as a service) or as an on-premise installation.