Alacrity offers testing-as-a-service

May 2013

Alacrity Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Donovan Mulder as its Head of QA and Testing Practice. Mulder will head up Alacrity’s well-established QA and Test Practice and drive the launch and growth of Alacrity’s TaaS (testing-as-a-service) offering.

Mulder is a highly experienced, passionate and motivated software testing professional. He has over 16 years’ experience gained in various industries. He is active in the field of software testing research, and has published a number of papers and regularly speaks at public conferences in the testing arena.

The changing business landscape and challenging economic conditions have placed tremendous pressure on business and IT departments to optimise the costs related to releasing software. On-demand services offer organisations much-needed financial flexibility in the form of utility-like, usage-based pricing. By switching to an on-demand quality assurance (QA) or testing service, organisations can more effectively eradicate quality issues before releasing new software.

The rapid pace of technological advancement and competition, not to mention business’s ever-increasing dependence on technology, is forcing companies across industries to release new applications and updates much more frequently. In response to this, Alacrity now provides on-demand testing services, also known as testing-as-a-service (TaaS). On-demand testing services include performance, automated regression, manual and security testing. Test environment provisioning and other testing services, such as test suite management and test data management, are also provided.

Alacrity’s mission is to provide its clients with a specialised, reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for the development and implementation of leading QA and testing methodologies. As a true alternative to in-house resources, Alacrity offers a very high level of practical experience, know-how and an appreciation of related business and IT challenges. Clients know that working with Alacrity is a more professional, less risky way to develop and implement QA and testing strategies.

Alacrity enables clients by providing high-quality IT solutions through QA and testing services that minimise risk, improve time to market, optimise ROI and ensure the scalability, reliability and performance of the IT systems throughout the enterprise.

Alacrity’s QA and testing competency is built on years of SDLC, software testing experience and knowledge creation through research and development. Alacrity has delivered and continues to deliver a range of software testing services to various blue-chip clients such as Fundamo, Old Mutual, Sanlam and Momentum.

Alacrity’s QA and software testing services includes test strategy development, test planning, test team provisioning, test resource augmentation, custom test automation framework development, test suite management, test data management and test environment management.

Alacrity’s software quality assurance engineers (SQAEs) fulfil various roles such as program test managers, test managers, test team leads, test analysts, test automation engineers and build and test environment managers. Alacrity’s SQAEs are skilled in various testing tools such as HP-QC, HP-QTP and Selenium.

Alacrity is uniquely positioned to provide world-class software testing services, and as such, uniquely positioned to help its clients realise competitive advantage through enhanced software quality.