Dr Andrew Boake

Enterprise & Systems Architecture Competency

I’ve been involved in various areas of IT, among them: systems programming, compilers, image processing, geographical information systems, knowledge-based systems, and financial systems. I came up through the ranks from Developer, Designer, Team leader, Systems Architect, Chief Architect, Enterprise Architecture Consultant, and Chief Solution Architect to my current role of CTO. I have a PhD in Computer Science and have published numerous academic papers. My passion lies in designing large systems and understanding the essential aspects of technical solutions.

I believe being a leader is about earning respect, being able to find people where they are, and to enthuse them about a common journey.

For me, Integrity is an important value, because doing things that do not contribute to a whole you is not sustainable. However, I also love the Passion value, because I think life is too short to be doing things that you aren’t passionate about.

Alessio Harri

JAVA Competency

I started my IT career as a junior Java developer over 15 years ago. Since then, I have been growing and learning more about software development, specifically Java.

My experience spans from building traditional JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) systems to large eCommerce systems. I enjoy taking on interesting projects that make use of technologies such as HTML5, Android, NOSQL, Datastores and Cloud platforms.

Being a leader means providing direction and creating an environment for growth and learning.

Excellence is a very important value to me. We need to offer high quality services and products, or we won’t be able to compete as a premium provider.

Anton Schaffer

Business Intelligence Competency

Currently in my 18th year in the IT industry, I started my career as a web developer and graphic designer. I soon discovered databases, and my true passion was born. I have performed the roles of Database Administrator, Database Architect, Database Programmer, Team Leader, Lead Programmer and Project Manager on numerous development and conversion projects. My Business Intelligence journey started in 2008. Since then, I have worked on numerous large-scale Data Warehouse implementations and have extensive expertise in architecting, designing and implementing business intelligence solutions.

I am passionate about data and the interesting ways in which it can be represented.

Integrity is a very important value to me, as it is a combination of honesty, high morals, and always treating others with respect.

Faghmie Davids

Business and Systems Analysis Competency

I regard myself as a technology-aware Business Analyst.

I started my career as a software developer, but I soon realized that my passion was more about finding the solution to a problem, than the actual coding bits. This led to an online software-as-a-service business in 2003, which grew my passion and experience in identifying the needs of the customer, and ensuring that value is delivered. Aside from the technical aspects of being a BA, I really enjoy spending time with people talking about their business needs.

The value that resonates most with me is Accountability. Being accountable means we take pride in how we conduct ourselves and this influences our passion, integrity and excellence.

Johan Labuschagne

Business Process Management Competency

Before settling into the solution architecture space about 10 years ago, I was part of some interesting and diverse aspects of IT. While early experience in hardware and network engineering gave me a deep understanding of complex technology landscapes, software was the language that allowed me to simplify and enhance them.

BPM is a discipline, a strategy and a journey – from process improvement and workflow orchestration, to being a catalyst for building and exposing core organisational capabilities that facilitate the agile enterprise. Continual market and environmental changes demand that organisations are more agile in their strategic product offerings, requiring solutions that can adapt to an ever-changing problem context. This is where BPM comes to the fore.

Excellence is my benchmark – passion, integrity and accountability enable us to achieve this.

Johan van der Merwe

.NET Competency

Over the past 15 years, I have worked on various software projects. My expertise lie in the main .Net technologies, from SQL Server, ASP.Net, Win Forms, WPF, WCF, Web Services to SQL Reporting Services. I really enjoy developing solutions using the ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework technologies.

My leadership style is a democratic one. I believe that group involvement and trust is very important within a team.

Integrity is a very important value to me. Being honest is an explicit choice.

Richard Howard

Automated Testing & QA Services Competency

I started my testing career in hardware testing, after which I moved into software automation testing. I have worked on various projects in different industries (telecom, insurance, retail, banking) as Test Automation Engineer, Test Automation Manager, and Technical / Support Lead.

My main areas of expertise are manual and automation testing, as well as test automation strategy. I am proficient in the following test management software and testing tools: HP QC/ALM, HP QTP/UFT and TestPlant Eggplant.

I am passionate about solving problems and impressing the client, as well as contributing to the delivery of quality software.

Integrity is an important value to me, as without integrity trust means nothing.